Over the past few days a number of Yahoo Mail users have complained about not being able to access the email service. The company didn’t say anything, so it wasn’t known for sure exactly what was causing the problem. Yahoo has finally acknowledged that something is indeed wrong, and it apologizes for recent difficulties that users have been facing with Yahoo Mail. The company revealed that the downtime was caused by a hardware problem in one of its mail data centers, and that the problem turned out to be harder to fix than Yahoo originally expected.

Yahoo says that it has “dozens of people” working around the clock to get the service fully up and running again. It is keeping customers up to date through the Yahoo Mail Twitter account. So far, POP mail access has been restored, it is still working on restoring IMAP. Best way to access Yahoo Mail on a mobile device right now is through a Yahoo Mail app, available only for iOS and Android. The company says that affected servers have been able to deliver over 30 percent of the emails that were sent during the outage. It also says that some people might still be facing issues, and reassures that it won’t rest until the problem is fixed once and for all.

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