jalapenoThey say that music makes the world go round. Wait a minute, or is that money? Either way, I am quite sure that fans of music as well as money would agree that both of them will inject life into a dour world, so for those who feel that they were born to groove to various tunes and music, here is the Jalapeño Beat Maker that might be worth checking out. A Kickstarter project that has not yet met its funding goal of $53,000, the Jalapeño Beat Maker is a portable device that will remix music in real-time based on your tricks, turns, and spins. In a nutshell, you would end up being the beat yourself.

Each time you move, your music will be tweaked in order for it to match your tricks, turns, and spins. The more you ride, I guess it is safe to warrant a guess that you end up being one with the beat, now how about that? The early bird Jalapeño Beat Maker package would cost you $199, and assuming that this particular Kickstarter project actually gains traction and take off, it ought to begin delivering from October this year onward. Being weatherproof and durable, you know that your next skiing or snowboarding session is never going to be the same again. [Kickstarter Page]

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