LG-G-Flex-display-bumpsBack in 2013, LG unveiled the G Flex, a phone with a dramatically curved display that was announced shortly after Samsung’s own Galaxy Round efforts. Now what made the LG G Flex particular interesting was how the phone had self-healing powers whereby scratches made to the back of the phone would heal itself. Another unique ability, although one probably unintended, was how if you pressed down on the phone, it would actually flatten itself out before springing back into shape. Unfortunately as this was an intended feature of the phone, it seems to have developed some issues, such as bubbles forming on the display of the phone which is apparently caused by continuous flexing.

According to a statement released by LG, “Please don’t try to use frequent, excessive force on the device or the screen. The reason we’ve made the G Flex screen elastic is to protect the device from damage from sudden impacts such as being sat on or laid down on.” LG’s explanation is sound as we expect that the feature was meant to be used that way, as opposed to a cool party trick to impress your friends with. Now for those of you with G Flex devices, LG states that the bumps will go away over time and can be remedied by pressing on them lightly, so perhaps that’s worth giving a try, and you’ll probably not want to keep flexing your phone in the future for fun anymore either.

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