twitter-hacked-seaGetting hacked is no fun at all, especially when you are a corporate bigwig with plenty of user details in your database, as you have to answer to your customers as well. Having said that, the likes of Neiman Marcus was hacked recently over the holiday season, and here we are with word that Microsoft’s official Xbox support Twitter as well as the official Microsoft news Twitter accounts have been hacked by none other than the Syrian Electronic Army.

This makes them the most recent company to fall victim to the Syrian Electronic Army, or better known as SEA for short. SEA happens to be a collection of computer hackers who support the Assad regime, and in the midst a bloody civil war, they have gone on a recent spree of defacing different social media pages as well as websites that belong to different organizations including VICE and the New York Times, among others. The attack on Microsoft, however, seems to be rather strange since there does not seem to have any kind of political motivation behind it.

Other than using this hack to tweet some stuff from Microsoft’s account, the SEA also tweeted out a message from their official Twitter that confirmed that they were the ones behind this nefarious attack. At least they aren’t hiding behind anyone’s skirt.

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