image_thumb58We know that Nokia is working on an Android device which has been given the codename Normandy. We’ve seen leaked photos of its user interface and the phone itself, and now thanks to a post by Vizileaks, another real-life photo of the alleged handset has made its way onto the internet again. Now based on the photo above there’s no telling if this is the real deal or if it is just a photo of another Nokia phone, so we pretty much only have Vizileaks’ word to go on, although given that they have posted some pretty credible photos in the past, we don’t have reason to doubt them at the moment, but do take it with a grain of salt for now.

Given the influx of leaks that we’re seeing, it would almost suggest that Nokia could be launching their own Android phone in the very near future. This is a bit odd given that Nokia, many years ago, chose to side with Windows Phone and has been focusing all their efforts at creating amazing Windows Phone devices so far. Earlier when we had learnt of Nokia’s alleged efforts, it was said that it was only an experiment and might never see the light of day, although a tweet by @evleaks suggested that the death of Nokia’s Android efforts had been “greatly exaggerated”. While it isn’t completely out of the question for Nokia to enter the Android space, the fact that they are about to be acquired by Microsoft, a rival of Google in more ways than one, would have us thinking that perhaps one of the conditions is that they drop the Normandy project.

In any case it still remains to be seen if Nokia might release its first and last Android device ahead of the acquisition, much like they did with the Nokia N9, the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo before they made the transition to Windows Phone.

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