netgear-n300-travel-router[CES 2014] The Trek N300 is another travel router that looks pretty interesting: first of all, it can share public WiFi HotSpots to all your devices, so that may beat your older travel router, but it also has a flip-out antenna that supposedly makes the reception better. It’s impossible to tell without running some tests in the real world, but I just think that it looks cool.Obviously, you can also share a wired Ethernet connection like all travel routers do, but Netgear points out that it has a built-in firewall, which will add some extra security to your Internet browsing since it makes a little bit harder for someone to poke around your computer, although they may still be able to intercept outgoing data. Interestingly, the Netgear Trek N300 can also be used to extend an existing WiFi network in your home.


This may not be the most obvious way to do it, but if you are staying with friends, the “guest” room may not be very well connected, so getting an extra WiFi boost can’t really hurt. Finally, I really like that this travel router is powered by a micro-USB connector. They are easy to find and you never get into a situation where you have to order a power supply from the manufacturer. You can also power the router with your laptop in case there is no available outlet nearby. Smart choice Netgear.

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