neuro-onI am not quite sure about you, but I clearly treasure my sleep a whole lot – perhaps sometimes, a whole lot more than I actually should, which is not a good thing at all if you want to be productive and catch the attention of your boss. Well, there are some folks who would naturally do well and perform even when they’re running on very little sleep, while others can barely drag themselves out of bed. The NeuroOn mask might be able to help you be a whole lot more productive by freeing up the hours used by sleep, without detracting from the sleep quality. Just how does this particular Kickstarter project work?

For starters, the NeuroOn mask could possibly help you to do a whole lot more by reducing the number of hours that you sleep. Sure, you end up with a whole lot less quantity, but the quality is something else altogether. How does it do it? It will first induce your body into a polyphasic sleep pattern gradually, which could very well result in having just a couple of hours of sleep each day. Apart from monitoring your movement, it will also keep track of your eye movement, brain waves, and muscle tension, so that you can enjoy enough power naps to last you through the day. [Kickstarter Page]

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