HTC-vs-NokiaAs you might have heard, Nokia has recently won a series of legal battles against HTC in which several of HTC’s products have since been banned from being sold and had to be taken off the shelves of retailers. Nokia has never been shy about making jibes about their competitors, as we have seen in the past from several of Nokia’s advertisements, and this time it is no different. In a statement released by the Finnish company over their latest win in Germany, Nokia was pretty much all business about how they were pleased with the results of the courts which basically ruled in their favor, only to end with a humored jab at HTC, stating, “HTC’s first New Year’s resolution for 2014 should be to stop this free riding and compete fairly in the market.”

Over the past couple of months and years, we have seen huge tech companies battle it out against one another in the courtrooms. The notable is probably the Apple vs. Samsung case which is still ongoing. We had also recently heard how Google had filed a complaint against the Rockstar patent consortium (owned by companies such as Apple and Microsoft) essentially likening them to the patent trolls that we have seen in the past. Will 2014 be any different in terms of legal battles? We doubt it, if anything the competition is just getting stiffer and we would be surprised if it were anything less.

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