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, we did check out how the QX10 and the QX100 camera lenses from Sony could very well make its way to tablets – and here we are with additional information on this particular attachment. The device in question would be known as the Sony SPA-TA1 tablet attachment, where it will make its way over in the Land of the Rising Sun first before it probably would be released globally afterwards. So far, no official announcement concerning the Sony SPA-TA1 has been made other than the possibility of it arriving later this April 4th.

From what has been revealed so far (unofficially, of course), the Sony SPA-TA1 will be able to cater for devices that measure anywhere between 85mm to 190mm in width. There will be half a dozen arms available in different sizes, where they tip the scales from 31 grams onward. It is said that the Sony SPA-TA1 will be released with a recommended retail price of 3,675 Yen (which roughly converts to £21, €26 or $36, depending on which side of the world you live in). The arm sizes in detail would be around 85 × 65.6 × 33.9mm, 106 × 65.6 × 33.9mm, 127 × 65.6 × 33.9mm, 148 × 65.6 × 33.9mm, 169 × 65.6 × 33.9mm and 190 × 65.6 × 33.9mm. So far, sample images of the Sony SPA-TA1 has been seen attaching the QX10/QX100 lens-style cameras, on the Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z Ultra and the Sony Vaio Tap 11.

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