Google has confirmed that its much hyped wearable device, Google Glass, will receive prescription lenses. Last year the company released an updated model of its wearable device that supports prescription lenses, but so far Google hasn’t said when its going to launch said lenses. On the other hand Rochester Optical announced last year that it has made prescription lenses for Glass and that it would begin selling them in early 2014. The company is rumored to be releasing its lenses soon and they’re expected to cost as low as $99.

It should be kept in mind that Rochester Optical is not partnering with Google on prescription lenses for Glass. A spokesman for the internet search giant as also reiterated the same, there is no relationship between Google and Rochester Optical at this point in time. The prescription lenses come at a time when Google is slowly opening up its Glass program. Day before yesterday it rolled out invitations to Play Music All Access subscribers, an indicator that its gearing up for a public release later this year. Users who don’t have perfect vision may find it hard to use Glass, given that its display is essentially like a 25 inch high definition display viewed from eight feet away. It is said that Rochester Optical’s prescription lenses will simply clip on Google Glass the way its active shades and clear shield do. No confirmed release date has been rumored as of now.

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