google-glass-2.0The design of Google Glass is actually pretty cool. It looks clean and minimalist and futuristic at the same time. Obviously not everyone loves its design, and for those who wear prescription glasses, this design obviously gets in the way. Now we know that Google will support prescription glasses and have recently teamed up with Rochester Optical to create such glasses, but the good news is that Google will be extending their efforts and are reportedly in talks with VSP Global (via The Wall Street Journal) to help develop special prescription lenses for Glass, and are also working with optometrists to ensure that they will be able to help fit their customers with Glass upon its launch.

According to VSP Chief Executive, Rob Lynch, the talks are in its early stages and there is no formal agreement yet, although Google will most likely be able to benefit from the company’s extensive network of eye doctors and their 60 million odd customer base. Like we said, the design of Glass is not necessarily one approved by everyone, and we’ve also seen how Google has tried to create more fashionable options for their customers. By expanding beyond just one company, this would certainly create more options for potential Glass customers in the future.

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