yahoo-smart-tv[CES 2014] CES 2014 has been an eventful time for many of us, and this week, there was the introduction of the Yahoo Smart TV, which happens to be the next evolution of Yahoo’s Connected TV platform that is currently being used in millions of households today. Considering that the modern day person has so many choices available on your TV that range from traditional channels, to Video On Demand, to Web video including Yahoo Screen, it can be more challenging than ever before to find out just what to watch. How about a TV that is sensitive and smart enough to be able to automatically suggest what to watch based on your previous viewing tastes and availability?

This is what Yahoo’s Smart TV platform has set out to do, where it will scan thousands of program options as well as learn from your viewing habits. This would allow it to recommend content which is personalized just for you, and the recommendations will also include a combination of shows which are about to kick off, as well as interesting in-progress content such as a football game, Video On Demand content and the Web. How does automatic content recognition sound to you? [Press Release]

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