iphonesApple certainly pulled off quite a surprise in their last iPhone release, where the communications device actually saw a split in the line to the iPhone 5s as well as the “budget” iPhone 5c. This was a first for Apple for their smartphone, and it does seem as though the trend is set to continue with the next generation iPhone (dubbed the iPhone 6 at this point in time), where it is rumored to be arrive in two screen sizes – 4.7” and 5.6”. Isn’t it refreshing to see Cupertino dance to the tune of other smartphone manufacturers by going the way of the phablet?

The whole idea of having an iPhone with two screen sizes is not new at all, so to hear a rehash of this rumor yet again might prove that there is more than meets the eye to it. In the latest round of rumors from Taiwan, they point to an alleged new 4.7” iPhone model which will feature Corning Gorilla Glass just like its predecessors, although the new 5.6” iPhone would arrive with a sapphire glass display and strangely enough, will not be named the “iPhone”. Could it be the iPhablet instead? We don’t really know for sure, and so the patience card will have to be played out until Apple makes an official announcement. This particular rumor points to a Q3 2014 release for both devices.

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