bbm-android-iphone-3BBM for desktop? Now where have we heard that before? Our readers might recall that it was only a few days ago that BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, expressed the company’s interest in potentially moving BBM beyond handsets. This has led to speculation that BlackBerry could be thinking about moving BBM onto desktops.

This is actually not the first time the concept has been proposed, but unfortunately BBM chief, John Sims, poured cold water onto the idea when he revealed that moving BBM onto the desktop is something that the company is not focusing on at the moment.

This was revealed during an interview with CNET in which Sims was questioned on the future of BBM and its possible monetization strategy. He was also asked on the topic of whether a BBM client for desktops would be in the cards for the service’s future.

However according to Sims, it appears that this might not be the case. While not outright denying that possibility, Sims stated that BlackBerry’s priorities at the moment are currently focused on mobile, suggesting that if a BBM client for the desktop were to be released, chances are it won’t be happening anytime soon.

We’re not sure why BlackBerry is taking so long to bring BBM to the desktop. After all in the past we’ve seen a demo of BBM running on the desktop, and it was earlier this year that a survey tried to gauge the interest of BBM for the desktop as well.

Based on the number of times this topic has come up, safe to say that many are not opposed to that idea, so perhaps BlackBerry should really start to pay attention. After all it is possible that with a desktop client, more users would sign up for the service, which in turn could help fuel their plans to monetize it. What do you guys think?

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