Google launched a nifty little device last year that became so popular that even the company said it had underestimated its appeal to consumers. The Chromecast is a $35 dongle that’s capable of streaming media from your PC or mobile device to your TV, provided that the dongle can be plugged into it and that its on the same Wi-Fi network as the device with the content on it. Initially Google only released Chromecast in the U.S., and after a few months of being exclusive to just one country, the dongle is now poised to travel abroad.

A spokesperson for a major UK electronics retailer, Currys, told TNW that the “provisional” date for Google Chromecast’s release in the UK is March 1st. What this means is that the date is still not confirmed, even if the company has planned to officially sell Chromecast outside of the U.S. Its likely that the release date may be pushed ahead, and there’s an equal chance that it may be pushed back, with the dongle being released sometime in February. Pricing might slightly difference, but so far it isn’t know just how much the dongle will cost in the UK. It remains to be seen if Google starts selling the dongle in other European markets as well, and if it has any plans of eventually moving into other markets around the globe.

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