desk-006For PC building enthusiasts, chances are you might have heard of the Lian Li brand when looking for computer casings to house your hardware in. Lian Li has built a name and a reputation for themselves for creating sleek, high quality cases with pretty decent cooling, which is why it is not surprising that they have gained the reputation that they have.

However it seems that Lian Li is trying to branch out from the usual case designs which are either designed to look like home theater systems or tower casings, as you can see in the image above which is the Lian Li DK01 computer case.

“Wait, all I see is a table and a couple of monitors,” you say? That’s the beauty of the DK01 which is how it combines a computer casing and a tablet into a single unit. What this means is that if you’re tight on space and have no room to fit in a monstrous tower casing, perhaps the DK01 will be big enough to house the longest graphics cards, while providing you with a table to write on and place your keyboard/mouse on as well.

According to Lian Li’s dimensions, the case will feature 800mm (W) x 795mm (H) x 600mm (D), which makes it around the size of a full ATX tower. What this means is that builders will have a ton of room to put components in and fit all sorts of graphic cards. This is versus smaller builds where builders will have to factor in the length and thickness of a GPU first.

The entire setup will be made from aluminum and will feature modular HDD bays which allows users to pull them out like a drawer and swap/replace them when necessary. It looks like a pretty cool idea and for now the DK01 is merely a prototype, although it seems that Lian Li is accepting feedback so that they can turn this into an actual product that customers will want to buy.

Personally I think the legs on the table looks a little too thin and wobbly. Perhaps something a little more sturdy and solid would do a better job at supporting the case, along with the monitors, keyboard, and mouse that will eventually be placed on top. What do you guys think?

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