Remember earlier this year, computer case manufacturer Lian Li announced a prototype desktop case in the form of the Lian Li DK01. What made it so special that this is a desk that doubles as a PC case at the same time, but unfortunately at that time, the chassis was only a prototype and was still being decided as to whether it would be a good idea to make it a reality.

Well we guess users spoke up and Lian Li listened, because the company has since made the DK01 a reality, where it is known as the DK-01X. In fact Lian Li also announced a few other versions as well, like the DK-02X and the DK-Q1X. The main difference in the models would be its size, with the DK-01X being the smallest and measuring 0.9m in width.

For those who needs a bigger chassis, the DK-02X might be a better choice at 1.25m wide, although what makes it even more interesting is that the DK-02X has enough space for a second mini-ITX board, just in case you wanted to build two systems into a single desk. Both models will support full sized GPUs and CPU coolers as large as 180mm. There is also a built-in drawer which allows you to pull out the components to swap around.

The desks will also feature tempered glass so you can rest your monitors on top if you wish without fear that it will break and fall through. If you love what Lian Li has done, you might be interested to learn that the DK-01X will be available in July for $989, while the DK-02X will be priced at a pricier $1,189. No word on what the DX-Q1X has in store for us as Lian Li has yet to reveal the details, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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