lian li cb01If you’re into building your own computers, Lian Li might be a brand you’re familiar with. The company is known for creating their own computer cases which many DIY enthusiasts have used in the past. However it looks like the company is expanding into other products, like the innards of a computer and have since announced their very first waterblock.

Dubbed the CB-01, this is basically the company’s first ever waterblock and given the company’s experience is in making cases, we have to wonder how the CB-01 will stand compared to the competition. According to Lian Li, this waterblock was made in partnership with Overclocker UK and that it will be brought to the US.

The CB-01 is made from solid copper and coated with nickel and a final layer of tin-cobalt for added durability and resistance to corrosion. As far as specs are concerned, according to Lian Li, “The CB-01 uses a standard G1/4” thread so most DIY water cooling components will easily fit the inlet and outlet ports. The inlet is deliberately offset against the outlet to allow the coolest water to enter the block in direct contact with the middle of the hottest CPU core. It then flows across the other cores and vents on the opposite side.”

For those unfamiliar with waterblocks, basically these are alternative to more traditional heatsinks found in PCs. Enthusiasts tend to prefer such solutions as they are said to be more efficient at dealing with heat than your typical heatsink/air cooling solution, but at the same time they can also be more expensive. Unfortunately pricing or availability was not mentioned by Lian Li.

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