PC cases come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like those for gaming, tend to be huge due to their ability to house larger and multiple GPUs, plenty of storage, and also to allow for better ventilation. Then you have smaller PCs design to take up less space on the table or in the room. Well if none of these options are suited for your needs, you might be interested in Lian Li’s new O series.

Unlike most other PC cases, Lian Li’s O series of PC cases will allow you to mount the chassis on the wall! We’re not sure why you would want to mount it on the wall, perhaps to accompany your wall-mounted TV, perhaps, but either way it’s an option if you want to take it. Otherwise it looks like the O series can be used like a regular chassis.

The O series will come in a few different sizes – the mini-ITX PC-05, PC-05S; the micro-ATX PC-06S; and the ATX case PC-07S, with the “S” in the model numbers depicting its ability to support water-cooling systems. For the most part all the different sizes feature the same design, just that their dimensions are different.

All cases will also feature a tempered glass window that lets you see your components inside of it, which might encourage users to have better cable management. Pegged for a launch in February, Lian Li’s O cases will not come cheap as they are expected to be priced starting at $289.

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