PC cases come in all shapes and sizes. Some gamers prefer their PC cases to be huge because it allows for better airflow, while others prioritize smaller builds so that it blends in better with their living room, or so that it doesn’t take up too much room on their desk. Well if you’re in need for a small PC case, you might be interested to learn that Lian Li has recently announced two new PC cases.

The cases in question are the PC-V359 and the PC-Q36. The former is a Micro-ATX case while the latter is a Mini-ITX. What this means, for the novice computer builder, is that your standard motherboards will not fit into these cases, so when choosing your motherboard you will have to make sure that they are either micro-ATX or mini-ITX, depending on which case you are going for.

That being said, Lian Li is also marketing both cases as being modular, so users will be able to remove panels and components, such as hard drive cages, from within the cases with ease. The cases themselves are made from aluminum so if you wanted something with quality, then these cases could be what you are looking for.

Lian Li has a history of making PC cases with good quality materials and usually pretty good airflow too, so since these are pretty small, good airflow is important to help keep it cool, especially since you will not be able to stick a huge cooler in there. The cases will be priced at $179 for the PC-V359 and $149 for the PC-Q36 and will be available for purchase starting from today.

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