Qualcomm is a leader in the application processor market, its chips can be found in a wide variety of mobile devices developed by countless manufacturers, both big and small. Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, the chip-maker announced Snapdragon 802, a SoC geared towards smart TVs. Roughly a month after it had been announced, the company confirmed in a press release yesterday that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 SoC is being cancelled due to insufficient demand.

Jon Carvill, the senior director of public relations at Qualcomm wrote that the company has decided not to commercialize this SoC as the overall demand “has proven to be smaller than anticipated,” adding that this decision is specific to this processor only and does not have any effect on other products that Qualcomm is shipping in this particular category. Based on the Krait architecture, Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 SoC touted a 1.8GHz quadcore CPU, Android 330 GPU with 4K video support as well as integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Partners were expected to start sampling the new SoC in early 2014, with the first products powered by it expected to ship later this year. That obviously won’t be happening anymore, though its quite intriguing that Qualcomm has had to cancel Snapdragon 802 merely a month after its official announcement, presumably it could have known that there wasn’t much interested in this chip during the research phase.

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