samsung-apple211It is no secret that Apple and Samsung aren’t particularly fond of each other. Both companies have been in and out of the courts all around the world, suing each other for alleged patent infringements and attempting to get injunctions against each other’s products. However it seems that deep down perhaps both companies want to make it work as they have agreed last month to meet up for settlement talks in which hopefully all their legal differences can be set aside. Unfortunately according to a report from ZDNet Korea, it would seem that the talks yielded nothing.

Apparently Samsung’s CEO, JK Shin, met up with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, in the US just last week where they attempted to discuss the terms of the settlement. However it seems that both companies were not able to come to an agreement, suggesting that the settlement talks were a bust and we would most likely see both companies back in the courts again. The final verdict for the patent infringement case in the US has been set for the 19th of March and will see Samsung pay Apple close to a billion dollars should they lose. Over in EU, a trial date is expected to begin on the 31st of March. Naturally this cannot be confirmed as neither companies have made an official statement, but according to a Samsung spokesperson, “We can’t confirm whether the two CEO met, or if they did, what the results were.”

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