lumia-810-tmoWhen it comes to smartphones, they are fun to use and of course, make life a whole lot more organized. The thing is, modern day smartphones do go through this thing known as obsolescence, especially when mobile carriers refuse to introduce any more updates to the hardware. T-Mobile US happens to mention that the Nokia Lumia 810, which was announced in October 2012, will no longer be on the receiving end of firmware and software enhancements. I guess it makes sense that mobile carriers offer a smartphone with a 2 year contract after all, as you would literally end up with a dinosaur in your hands after that time period. The lack of firmware and software updates might also translate to additional security vulnerabilities, too.

The Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile will not be on the receiving end of the Lumia Black update obviously, as the handset is not even being lined up for such an update in the first place. Apart from that, a post on Reddit did mention that an e-mail was sent by T-Mobile support, where it mentioned that T-Mobile “will not be providing updates for the Lumia 810”, alongside this happening being is “a normal part of the handset life-cycle, and in this case, it’s unavoidable.”

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