As you might have heard the other day, T-Mobile had been sending out emails which seemingly trolls BlackBerry customers into switching to the iPhone. It’s not uncommon for carriers to advertise new phones or make promotions, but the way T-Mobile did it was that they were asking BlackBerry users to “upgrade” to the iPhone 5s, suggesting that the iPhone 5s was superior and that BlackBerry devices were considered to be inferior. It seems that not many customers were appreciative of T-Mobile’s aggressive and borderline trollish campaign and have voiced their displeasure.

To that extent, T-Mobile’s CEO has since taken to Twitter in which he wrote, “BlackBerry users, I’m hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back with you.” We’re not sure what he means by the tweet since the emails have been sent out and the damage has been done, but at least he has acknowledged that perhaps the ad campaigns might not necessarily have appealed to many. T-Mobile has been recently trying to do away with BlackBerry in their portfolio, with reports that the carrier would stop selling BlackBerry handsets in their stores, meaning that a customer who walks into a T-Mobile store would not even know that the carrier had the BlackBerry brand. So what do you guys think T-Mobile will do as a apology to BlackBerry users?

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