Earlier this week the Xbox One media remote was spotted on Amazon. It quickly caught everyone’s attention because Microsoft hasn’t mentioned this accessory up till now, for now the only ways of controlling an Xbox One are through Kinect or the console’s controller. A media remote would bring a much more traditional method of controlling the new console, but its not known for sure exactly when Microsoft intends to launch it. Folks at The Verge have apparently heard from people familiar with the company’s plans that Xbox One media remote will be launched later this week.

February 20th is said to be the day when Microsoft launches Xbox One media remote, with a full release apparently pegged for March 4th. The sources reveal that this remote will be used for navigation, launching and controlling media applications on the Xbox One. It will also work as an infrared remote to control TV or TV receiver volume. Apparently it will also have a dedicated button for launching the OneGuide TV feature, and its possible that channel up and down buttons may only work within the U.S. when used in the TV application. Pricing hasn’t been mentioned, though the listing on Amazon carried a price tag of $24.99.

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