samsung_logoIt is no secret that Apple and Samsung do not like each other, however both companies are more than aware that they need each other’s business. Samsung has the technology, the experience, and the size to produce the quality and quantity of components Apple needs, which is why as much as they appear to hate each other through legal proceedings, losing Apple as a client and losing Samsung as a supplier could hurt each other’s business.


This is why it is not completely out of the question to think that a recent report suggesting that Samsung could be helping to produce the iPad mini’s displays could be true. This is according to ETNews who claims that Apple could be turning to Samsung to help produce iPad mini displays, an interesting move since Samsung was not involved at all previously.

Prior to this, Apple has relied on companies such as AUO, LG, and Sharp. AUO is responsible for the displays used in the first-gen iPad mini, while LG and Sharp are responsbile for producing the Retina displays used in the Retina iPad mini.

However according to the report, Apple is said to be dropping AUO and reducing orders from Sharp in favor of Samsung who will be taking over both the production of the first-gen iPad mini displays, as well as a portion of the Retina iPad mini displays.

Like we said earlier, Samsung has the scale and resources to produce at levels that Apple needs, which is why despite both companies being at each other’s throats in the courtroom, it is understandable that from a business standpoint, both companies need each other.

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