bbm-android-iphone-3Unless you’re constantly giving out your BBM PIN to people you meet, chances are you will have to go through the BBM menu to find the PIN (or the QR code) to give it to someone who is trying to add you. It also doesn’t help that the BBM PINs are a string of letters and numbers, making it a pretty tricky thing to try and remember.

That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if we could customize our BBM PINs? Perhaps make them a little more identifiable? At the moment that is not a feature that BlackBerry is planning on introducing, but thanks to a recent screenshot of a survey sent in to the folks at BlackBerryOS, it seems that it is a feature BlackBerry could be considering.

According to the survey, it asks users, “If you were able to personalize your BBM PIN (e.g., 11112222, COOLDUDE, BB3RRY10), how interested would you be in customizing it?” We expect that given the restriction in the length of the PIN that there are only so many variations one can think of before they are snapped up.

That and the fact that if there is a fixed number of letters and numbers that one could use, it could be pretty hard to think up of a PIN that would fulfil that criteria while also being uniquely yours. However it is a cool idea and a great way of identifying yourself. Companies could even use it as a form of branding (we would love to have “UBRGIZMO” as a PIN!), but what do you guys think? Would you like to see customizable BBM PINs in the future?

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