Ales Kocjancic is the founder of Live Systems, a real-time optimization platform. His MacBook Pro was acting up, throwing its equivalent of the “blue screen of death” in Kocjancic’s face. He spent countless hours on forums to find a fix but in the end he struck out. Since he didn’t have AppleCare, Kocjancic felt that every trick in the book must be tried before inevitably ending up at an Apple Store to buy a new one. He did what most of us won’t do, opened up the MacBook Pro, unscrewed the logic board and cooked it in an oven at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for seven minutes.


Believe it or not, this actually worked. There’s a big presumption behind this Cook Your ‘Book fix. Its possible that the MacBook might be acting up because some of the connections in its logic board have broken. By baking it in the oven the solder joints are liquified. They then cool back in place once the logic board is removed from the oven and set aside for a few minutes.


The logic board is the only part that goes in the oven, putting an entire MacBook in there wouldn’t be smart at all. Aluminum foil comes in handy, and a little courage wouldn’t go to waste either. Kocjancic says that he hasn’t faced any issues with the MacBook Pro since the bake. Even though it worked for him, we don’t recommend this as a fix. Please do not try this at home.

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