headwatchWhen design and technology come together, we more often than not get some really good looking creations in the process. Well, apparently, the HeadWatch intends to offer up a new method of interaction between the human and his or her smartphone. Being a smartwatch in nature, the HeadWatch is made up of a wrist strap and a watch, where you are able to detach the “watch” part of it, placing it around your ear as a headset instead. Such patent pending HeadWatch technology was developed by engineers who treasure the virtues of design, and its end result is meant to solve the headset experience while avoiding everyday situations that are faced users when it comes to a headset device.

Right now, they would need the public’s help in order to raise the necessary amount of cash so that they can make the HeadWatch a possibility in this realm. With nearly 2 months left on the clock and a $300,000 target, it remains to be seen whether the HeadWatch is going to catch on big or not.

Basically the Headwatch is a smartwach which will pair up with your smartphone, while extending interaction to your wrist. There are several features and sensors integrated that can capture movements, ambient and object temperatures, while RGB strip lights pave the way for customizable notifications. It will play nice with the iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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