Gamers who have become used to playing PC games with the Xbox 360’s controller would be probably wondering when Microsoft is going to add support for the new and improved controller that comes with the Xbox One. There’s no word as yet from the company as to if and when that might happen. However, the wait is now over, well somewhat over. Lucas Assis has developed a workaround that allows you to install Xbox One controller on PC. Bear in mind that this is an unofficial fix, so keep an eye out for potential pain points.

Even though the fix is fairly easily to implement, its not exactly what one would call easy. It takes roughly 11 minutes to get everything up and running, at least that’s how much time it took Assis to do it. He has created a video detailing the procedure to install Xbox One controller on PC step by step.

Basically he uses a combination of his own code coupled with generic USB drivers and controller emulation software. The PC is tricked into thinking that an Xbox 360 controller is being used. Assis himself says that this is a “temporary solution” and that people should not expect it to work 100 percent. When Microsoft plans to release the official drivers for the Xbox One controller is not known, so this seems to be the only option available right now.

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