Jawbone UP is one of the most popular activity trackers. The company has greatly improved its product. A few months back it launched Jawbone Up24 which brings several improvements over its predecessor. Since its launch the Up24 has only been available in the U.S. Though starting today, that changes. Jawbone has now released its latest activity tracker in 29 countries, including China, Japan and the UK.

A major difference between the Up24 and its predecessor is that the former relies upon Bluetooth to wirelessly sync information to a mobile device. The previous Jawbone activity tracker had to be plugged into the device through its 3.5mm jack. Since that’s no longer the case, the jack has been trimmed down to 2.5mm and serves primarily as the charging port. The sleep button has been refined and there’s a new texture for Jawbone Up24.

Even though the Up24 has been available in the U.S. for quite some time, in other countries only the original UP was being sold. From today customers in major European countries, Taiwan, Thailand and even Australia can pick up the new activity tracker. Since Apple also sells it, wherever its regional online store is available, customers will be able to purchase the Up24 from there as well.

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