lg g watchJust last week, Google announced Android Wear which is essentially a version of Android that has been designed for wearable technology in mind, like smartwatches. Along with the announcement of the platform, Google also unveiled some partners that would be taking advantage of Android Wear, such as LG with the G Watch and Motorola with the Moto 360.

Now back then LG unveiled a teaser photo which was kind of shadowy and didn’t really give us a good look at the device in its entirety, and perhaps looking to change that, LG has since uploaded a photo onto its Facebook page where they show off the LG G Watch in a clearer photo.

As we surmised in the earlier photo, the LG G Watch is rectangular in design and for the most part looks like the rest of the smartwatches currently available in the market at the moment. In fact we’d go as far as saying that it does look a little boring compared to the Moto 360 which is a work of art.

After all watch wearers have been used to wearing watches with circular faces for many decades already, so wearing a smartwatch with a circular face does help to blend the device in, as opposed to having it stick out like a sore thumb. Sure there are watches that have square/rectangular faces, but the circular face is admittedly more “classic”.

Unfortunately apart from showing off a new photo of the LG G Watch, the specifications were not revealed, nor its pricing or availability, so we guess we’ll just have to admire the photos for now. In the meantime what do you guys think? Do you think that the LG G Watch’s design could be improved upon, or do you think that smartwatches should stick to rectangular designs?

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