The new Sonos Controller app for Android and iOS has been announced today. This brand new app experience is based on whatever Sonos has been learning for the past ten years, as it tooks to secure its growth for the next ten years. The app has been designed for multiple dimensions, keeping three major aspects in mind. How music services are used now and how they will be used over time, the possibility that the user might not be the only listener in their home and the number of rooms a user wants to play their music in.

Sonos has focused a lot of making the Controller app simple. It has a refreshed design and a simplified user interface which makes listening “more intuitive than ever before.” There are three main modules in the app that allow for simpler navigation between music that’s currently playing, the room its being played in and how to find the next song that is to be played.

Universal search is a crucial feature in the new app that wants to make it easier for users to discover music. Sonos brings all of its streaming services together, so if the user searches for an artist in one window, the app will search for that artist across all of the user’s music services simultaneously.

People interested in downloading the new app will have to wait for a bit, particularly if they’re on iOS. Sonos is only offering an Android beta right now. Full release is slated for this summer.

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