pebblebeeHave you heard of the PebbleBee before? Well, it comes across as a tiny round as well as thin device which can be placed on just about any mobile item that has a hook or key ring, or you can even opt to stick the item to the PebbleBee’s adhesive back. The function of the PebbleBee would be this – to assist in tracking down lost items, monitor tracking, movement, temperature, navigation and a bunch of other features which ought to help you manage your everyday personal items without forgetting one of them when you leave the house or the office.

Thanks to PebbleBee’s revolutionary “Range Finder”, it will be able to alert you whenever any particular mobile item (and that would include both children and pets, of course) has crossed over the designated range. A virtual parameter or fence is what the PebbleBee delivers, where it will alert you with a “Buzz” or “ring” or even “spark with a LED internal flash to aid in finding your item-it’s your choice. As for the free PebbleBee App, it will depict your proximity to the item of interest through a signal bar and Bee rings.

If this particular crowdfunding product actually becomes reality, would you be interested in picking one up?

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