petwalkI know for those of us who wear our shoes into the house, there is always a doormat to wipe away whatever dirt that the soles of our shoes have picked up during the day. However, our four legged friends have not been trained to do so, and neither is it their instinct to wipe their paws before they enter your home, which is why a rainy day might result in paw prints all over the place as they make a dash from the wet outside to the warm comfort of your living room. PetWALK knows how irritating cleaning up after your pets can be, which is why they have come up with the PetWALK automatic cat door.

Those who have Garfields in the home will have to fork out £1,300 for the smart CAT-FLAP that prevents your feline from going outdoors when it’s raining, where this automatic cat door is also touted to be windproof and thermally insulated in order to keep drafts out. How does it work? Well, your pet will need to wear a tiny microchip that unlocks the cat-flap whenever your cat approaches it. Those who own pooches will have to fork out more though, as the larger version for dogs costs £1,417.50 a pop.

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