project-sparkHave you heard about Project Spark before? It is basically a tool where gamers who think that they do have some latent talent in programming their own game can give a go, where using Project Spark, one will be able to develop some simple titles such as RPGs and platformers among others on the Xbox One. Of course, you will first need to run on the Windows platform on your computer, where you can then unleash your creativity while incorporating Kinect directly. This particular sandbox/game creation tool was first made available for Windows 8.1 users in December last year, so it is nice to see that the tool has now entered its beta phase on the Xbox One, which means those who are rocking on the Xbox One will be able to give it a go.


Do bear in mind that Project Spark has not yet arrived on the Xbox One store, as one would still need to jump through the relevant hoops in order to go beyond the active beta sign-up page. Should you be in the Windows 8.1 beta already, that would also mean you are in the Xbox One version. Interestingly enough, there are several entries that are available on the store already, which can be purchased using “Spark Tokens” in 500 token increments ($4.99 would equal to 500). [Press Release]

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