In November 2013 both next generation gaming consoles were finally released. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are now competing against each other in the market, and as per recent results, the latter seems to be outperforming its competitor. The Xbox One is a mean machine in its own right, so its not like it doesn’t have the guts to take on PS4. DealNews recently conducted a survey and found that almost 35 percent of the 1,727 polled who owned both Xbox 360 and PS3 said that they’d rather only purchase the PlayStation 4.

Only 23 percent who owned both previous consoles said that they’d opt for an Xbox One over the PS4. On the other hand its an entirely different story when it comes to gamers who owned just one previous generation console. Most of them opted to remain loyal to their brands.

This survey can hardly be an indicator of trends in a global market where millions of customers have to choose between the two famous consoles. The lead established by PS4 retail channel sales over the Xbox One up till now can’t only be due to the possibility that dual owners are increasingly opting for the former. The site brands them as “Swing Gamers.” Nevertheless, brand loyalty does play a major part in this, the never ending Xbox One vs PS4 debates are proof enough. What factors would you take into consideration before deciding which console to buy?

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