ps4-xbox-one-pre-orderAh, statistics. There are always various angles to a particular story, and the NPD Group’s numbers for January 2014 tell a very interesting story. It seems that the Sony PS4 is leading the pack (of three, although other purists might decide to rule the Nintendo Wii U out and turning this into a two horse race) when it comes to next generation consoles, but Microsoft’s Xbox One is no slouch either – it seems that the Xbox One is hot on the PS4’s tail, and has led “US game sales” according to Microsoft. This leads to a very interesting phenomenon – it would translate to each Xbox One owner purchasing more games on average compared to the PS4 owner, no?

Merging all Xbox platforms in January (that would mean the Xbox One and the Xbox 360) has allowed Microsoft to make up 47% of the month’s software market share. Xbox Corporate VP of Marketing, Strategy and Business, Yusuf Mehdi, also has another interesting piece of trivia for the masses – more than 685 million speech commands were issued to navigate Xbox One, “including 20 million commands of ‘Xbox, Record That’ alone.” As for the Sony PS4, it maintains its top spot (as is elsewhere on the globe) as Sony spokesperson Guy Longworth was proud to mention that the Sony PS4 is “nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor”. Which is better? The debate rages on.

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