veronica-mars-refundConsidering how the Veronica Mars movie shot to fame with an instantly successful $5.7 million Kickstarter campaign, said movie has finally hit theaters as well as the home, although it is far from being plain sailing. Digital copies of the movie headed in the direction of Kickstarter backers were distributed using codes for Flixster. Just in case you were wondering, Flixster happens to be Warner Bros.’ Ultraviolet-connected movie site/service, but majority of the users ran into issues when it comes to signing up for the Ultraviolet login process, apart from having to set up the Flixster software so that it can begin to stream or download the video, or even to access a copy if you happen to reside outside of the U.S., or to get the seemingly overloaded servers to function as they should.

Of course, this has not affected everyone who settled for digital copies of the movie, since some actually went through the entire setup experience without running into a brick wall, but series creator Rob Thomas has asked backers who had problems to give customer support a holler. In fact, customer support ought to be able to get things up and running again, or to issue a refund so that the movie can be purchased on another service like Amazon or iTunes.

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