iphone 6 renderingBased on what we have seen so far in terms of leaked schematics and renderings, it seems that many are under the impression that the next-gen iPhone could sport a more iPad Air-like design. There’s of course no way of telling until Apple actually reveals the product, but in the meantime UkrainianiPhone.com has recently posted a set of renderings which they claim are that of the iPhone 6.

The rendering is supposedly used to help manufacturers create accessories for the next-gen iPhone and while it is plausible, it does not mean that it is real. Given that competition in the accessory market is pretty intense, whoever manages to get their products onto the market first usually has an advantage, and there are instances where we have seen manufacturers create products based on rumors, only to find out that they weren’t true in the end.

As we can see in the rendering, it seems that they are keeping with the rumors as the sleep/wake button has been moved to the right hand side of the device. It also features a more curved side profile which is reminiscent of the iPad Air, but oddly enough the cutout for the flash unit is round, as opposed to pill-shaped which is what Apple used for its two-tone flash. Given what a big deal Apple made of it, it seems unlikely that they will be removing the feature so soon.

It is possible that these renderings have been created based on the rumors meaning that they’re not necessarily official and could be wrong, so until Apple actually announces the device, which presumably will be done later this year, do take it with a grain of salt.

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