There is a lot of speculation about Apple’s future products. Some believe that the company has lost its touch, that it has simply run out of ideas for revolutionary products like the iPhone and iPad. Others are of the view that coming up with such a product takes time and Apple will probably not rush to the market until it gets it just right. Since January, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been teasing the possibility of new product categories. In an interview following the company’s second quarter earnings report Cook once again teased new products without actually revealing too much.

Cook tells the Wall Street Journal that Apple’s objective has “never been to be the first. It’s to be the best.” Agreeing with the notion that it takes time to come up with revolutionary products, though Cook says that he does “feel great” about what Apple has got coming. Without tipping his hand and revealing too much, Cook just says that the new product is “closer than it’s ever been.”

Apple is rumored to be working on a number of new products, including but not limited to a smartwatch and a full fledged HDTV. Recent reports suggest that the company may also be looking into the payments space. There’s really no saying when a truly new product from Apple is going to be launched. Presumably the company will have something for us before the end of this year. Fingers crossed.

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