apple_maps_push222-800x671From time to time whenever we run into an issue with an app or software, we have the option of sending in a bug report in hopes that the company will fix it. We expect that developers receive many such reports a day. Sometimes it could be an intended function that confused a user into thinking it’s a bug, and sometimes it’s a legitimate claim. The point is that there are probably a ton of reports that need to be sifted through.

That being said, how are we to know that an issue has been fixed or acknowledged at the very least? Well Apple is apparently looking into such a feature, according to a report from a reader of MacRumors who recently claimed that Apple is apparently testing a feature in its Maps application that will notify users when an error has been fixed.

As we’re sure many of you guys are aware by now, Apple Maps isn’t exactly the most accurate of Map apps available at the moment and has it fair share of instances where it has provided users with the wrong directions. Apple has since encouraged users to submit any issues or errors that they might have spotted and thanks to this feature, it will prompt users when a problem has been fixed.

Apparently this feature is currently being tested as not many people have noticed it (there are a handful who have) and there has been some difficulty replicating it ever since, but hopefully this is a feature that Apple will roll out in earnest in the near future, or perhaps with the release of iOS 8.

In the meantime what do you guys think? Will you appreciate being notified when a bug or issue you reported has been fixed, or would you rather that developers just work quietly in the background and assume that they will get around to fixing it?

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