Chances are if you aware of Google Maps on iOS, you’re probably also very aware how much of a terrible experience Apple Maps offers users who just want to know how to get from point A to point B. One thing we weren’t aware of was how Google Maps’ directions compared to Apple Maps’ attempt to give you correct directions.

According to a study conducted by CrowdFlower, if you use Apple Maps you’re three times more likely to get lost than if using Google Maps. In their study, they compared Apple Maps, Google Maps and Bing’s direction-giving ability by picking 1,000 random business listings in the U.S. and 100 in the U.K. What CrowdFlower was looking for was to first see if the selected service could find the location, and if it did, if its directions were correct.

The results of their research found Apple’s Maps being the worst of the three services as only 75% of the businesses were located, with Bing reporting 80% and Google Maps at around 85% in the U.S. In the second part of the study, whether or not each service gives inaccurate directions, Apple’s Maps again was the worst service giving between 3-4% inaccurate directions, with Bing at 1.5% and Google Maps at 1%.

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