final-fantasy-3Square Enix has had quite a fair number of single player RPGs in the past that were epics, and out of sheer necessity at that point in time simply because the infrastructure back then did not really manage to support multiplayer RPGs in the same way that we know of today. Having said that, some of those titles happen to be classics today, such as Final Fantasy III. In fact, it has been almost too long since we have seen Square Enix show a remote amount of interest in delivering single-player RPGs to the PC platform. Apparently, the German ratings board has just published its grade for the PC port of Final Fantasy III, which means that there is a very real possibility of this once rare RPG (as it has already been released on other handheld platforms such as the Nintendo DS, iOS devices and Sony PSP) appear on Steam alongside the likes of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy III happened to be the first title in the series that actually defined ‘jobs’ in the game properly, where thieves could use “Steal” while Dragoons started to make use of “Jump”. The main characters comprise of a quartet of orphans, and with a PC release, hopefully they will gain some named recognition.

Do bear in mind this remains a rumor until mentioned otherwise via an official statement or press release by the folks over at Square Enix. Still, it is nice to be able to dream, isn’t it?

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