batman-google-glassIt is no secret that Google Glass has a myriad of potential uses, although on the consumer front, it seems that non-Glass wearers are taking offense to people who do. Perhaps it could be that they’re worried about the invasion of their privacy, perhaps it could be for other reasons.

However on the professional front, it seems that Glass is finding more use in the field, like in the medical field for instance where we recently reported that due to the ability to pull up patient records on the fly, a doctor could have potentially saved his patient’s life. That being said, on the military front it seems that there is appreciation for the Glass device as well.

According to a report from VentureBeat, the US Air Force’s Battlefield Air Targeting Main-Aided (K)nowledge (BATMAN) research team has been testing the use of Google Glass in the Air Force, and so far they are pretty happy with the results.

This is attributed to the fact that Glass is a low-powered and a low-footprint kind of device, not to mention the way the device is worn will not obstruct vision, which we guess is extremely important in the battlefield.

It has also been suggested that the research team is looking into developing some kind of proprietary software that can be integrated into Glass’s current software that would be military specific. This sounds like our previous report where the company Wearable Intelligence helped created a specific piece of software designed for doctors, although in this case it would be only for the military.

Of course it remains to be seen how in the heat of battle will such a device perform, or how it might hold up (will it be too fragile?), but for now it sounds like a pretty good idea.

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