iphone-6-sideA while back we saw some schematics that allegedly belonged to that of the upcoming iPhone 6. Whether those schematics are right on the money remains to be seen, but in the meantime we’ve also seen some renders being created based on said schematics.

Recently the folks at MacRumors have decided to try their hand at creating renders based on the schematics as well and have commissioned designer Ferry Passchier to come up with some designs that would look like they could belong to the final product, and as you can see in the image above and below, it certainly looks pretty good.

iphone-6-allIn fact if we didn’t already know that these were just concept renderings, they could have easily passed off for the real thing! The design looks very much like the iPad Air/iPad mini which isn’t a bad thing. The schematics did call for more curved edges, versus the current-gen iPhone which sports more sharp edges.

The last time we had a curvy iPhone was with the first-gen iPhone, iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS, before future releases started to become more “edgy”, so to speak. Of course there’s no telling if the actual design of the iPhone 6 will resemble the renders we’ve seen. However the rumors persist that Apple could be planning a larger iPhone so if true, perhaps these renders will be able to clue us in as to what we might be able to expect.

So what do you guys think? Are you digging the design?

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