us-airways-tweetHaving the freedom of speech does not absolve anyone of the responsibility of being held accountable for what they say. For instance, a 14-year old Dutch girl who tweeted a mock threat at American Airlines was arrested, and that is certainly a lack of common sense in that teenager. However, adults too, do some silly stuff at times. US Airways, for example, tweeted an extremely graphic image to a customer who complained about their service.

The offensive photo depicted a naked woman who was in a sexual position with a toy plane, and this particular photo was then tweeted to a customer. The tweet had a message that reads as follows: “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up.” where it was not surprisingly, retweeted for over 500 times, taking nearly an hour before US Airways removed the tweet.

After that snafu, US Airways then issued an apology over Twitter to its followers who number nearly 420,000 in total, saying , “We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We have removed the tweet and are investigating.” Such an incident should not have happened in the first place, but it has – so let us learn from it and vow not to repeat such a mistake in the future.

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