There are some who believe that the electromagnetic waves emitted by our phones, especially when kept in our pockets, can affect a man’s sperm count and sperm motility, and if you are a big believer of that, then the Wireless Armour Indiegogo project is one that you’ll definitely want to fund.

Developed by Joseph Perkins, Wireless Armour is basically a pair of underpants designed for men in mind. They underpants will feature silver that is woven into the fabric which will sort of act like a Faraday cage to help protect your privates from the electromagnetic waves coming from your mobile device. To top it all off, the Wireless Armour is also anti-microbial which should help keep things “fresh” and clean.

Perkins cites studies which claims that electromagnetic waves can reduce sperm count by as much as 59%, and a 52% decrease in sperm motility. Unfortunately he did not cite where the studies came from so we can’t verify if those studies are the real deal, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

Now we can’t speak to the effectiveness of Wireless Armour but if you’re a little paranoid and worried, then perhaps they might be worth checking out. They come in either boxer brief designs or trunk designs, so if you’re a boxers kind of guy, you’d be out of luck. There are different levels of donations that you can pledge to if you’re interested, and for the ladies, Perkins is planning on creating a bra that will supposedly block the damaging effects of radiation.

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