apple_logo2If you’re a user of Apple’s email services, such as,, and, there is apparently a glitch going on with Apple’s email servers which could be auto-deleting messages that are coming from bulk mail mergers. For those unfamiliar with mail mergers, they’re basically tools used to send out mass emails.

For some, this is used to send out spam emails, but for others, it is a legitimate way of sending out promotional emails, newsletters, e-coupons, and so on, especially to customers who have willingly signed up to be notified to these offers and information. If you’re not that type of user, then we guess this is good since Apple basically auto-deletes such emails for you.

If you’re the type that loves their newsletters and promotions, this is probably bad news. According to a read on Apple blog TUAW, it has been discovered that due to the bug, emails are being deleted instead of being bounced back to the sender. This means that users may never know that they even received such an email in the first place. It has been noted that this seems to affect HTML documents, while plain text emails seem to be fine.

TUAW claims that this has been an issue going on for several weeks now and suggest that the headings of the emails might be to blame for the auto-deletion, since we’re guessing that Apple’s servers could be looking out for specific keywords or phrases to help filter out spam. Unfortunately due to the lack of a bounce back note, retailers have no idea that their customers are not receiving their emails which could prove problematic.

It is unclear as to when Apple plans to get around fixing it, but this isn’t the first time that Apple’s servers are messing up emails. The Mail app that comes with OS X has long had issues receiving mail, despite Apple’s best attempts to patch it as users are still complaining about being unable to receive any of their emails.

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