army helmetWearing a helmet can get pretty stuffy, not to mention possibly even quite smelly too, but it looks like the army has come up with a solution – a helmet with a built-in respirator. As you can see in the image above, the futuristic-looking helmet is currently a work in progress in the army and it’s essentially a helmet that can help keep its wearer cool and poison-free at the same time.

Respirators for soldiers aren’t new, but they are typically rather large and bulky, making it quite a chore to carry around. However with this helmet, they have managed to build all of that in, thus resulting in a lighter and more efficient helmet. A hose will connect to the blower unit and the mask which will constantly keep a stream of cool air blowing at the wearer’s face.

It will also help to prevent soldiers from breathing in poison, so there’s a plus to this design as well. Given that batteries will eventually run out, the army is currently trying to figure how to create a responsive respirator which will only turn on when it is needed, which would no doubt help conserve its battery. It’s a pretty cool idea although we have no idea when the military plans on introducing these helmets to their troops.

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